Words of Wisdom for Blackburn Away

“I’m on a mission, that n—– say is impossible/ But when I swing my swords, they all choppable.”

— GZA/Genius “Liquid Swords”

“A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought.”

— Lord Peter Wimsey

Blackburn have 8 points from their last six home games, while Fulham have 2 points from their last six away games. Blackburn are 7th in the league, and well in the hunt for a UEFA cup spot (and in the mind of David Bentley, a Champions League bid as well), while Fulham are 19th with one foot in the grave. So why do I feel hopeful about this match?

Maybe it’s because CCN is spreading rumours about us playing two up top. I’ve agreed with Roy Hodgson that task one has to be to stop the bleeding from the back. But whether or not that job is completed it’s time to move on to task two: scoring the goals that will keep this team up. So what would a 4-4-2 for Fulham look like? Johnson and McBride together up top, perhaps, although with the club’s current wealth of strikers I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nevland or even Litmanen get a run out.

Midfield is where things get interesting. We’ve been using a five man midfield with Dempsey and Davies on the wings (with a touch of Kamara and Johnson thrown in) with a central three of Bullard, Murphy and Andreason. Murphy would seem to be the odd man out here. Perhaps a diamond with Dempsey and Davies squeezing in in our own half? Either way, Jimmy B. will have to be more disciplined than he has been in the past few games without two players to back him up. If we do go with two up, Andreason will the key figure. He’ll have to up his already prodigious work rate, and keep possession better than he has been.

But back to hope, why present… the simple explanation is that I’ll be watching this game, as opposed to Boro and United, and as often as it happens, it still surprises me when Fulham lose. I’m a bit like a dog who knows that his collar is electrified, but is still shocked (get it?) when he crosses the invisible fence.

My head: Blackburn 2-1 Fulham

My heart: Blackburn 0-1 Fulham


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