A requiem for Leyton

This post inspired me to take a look at the league table of the Ryman (some say Isthmian ) League Premier Division, and indeed Carshalton, new home of Fulham reserve striker Ismael Ehu, are second from bottom, with 40 points.

But at least they aren’t Leyton.

For Leyton are bottom, staring straight into the ugly maw of the Isthmian League First Division.

Their record:

Played: 37; Won: 4; Drawn: 4; Lost: 29; Goals For: 32; Goals Against: 107; Points: 16.

That’s right, a mere twenty four points from second bottom.

Take heart, Fulham fans. Things can always be worse.

P.S. Hey MLS, if Leyton F.C. probably the twentieth biggest club in London, with a -75 goal differential, can manage to field ten youth teams, then surely New York Red Bulls, the only professional club in New York, owned by one of the richest beverage companies in the world, can manage more than five. Leyton F.C. is putting the MLS academy system to shame.



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