Nobody knows anything

From F365:


Jimmy Bullard says he is not thinking of leaving Fulham as the club battle for Premier League survival.

The midfielder has been the shining light for the Cottagers in recent weeks following a successful return to action after a long-term knee injury.

His performances for the strugglers have seen him linked with top-flight rivals Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth.

The 29-year-old insists he is enjoying his spell at Craven Cottage, despite the club’s troubles at the bottom end of the table.

And Bullard remains confident that Fulham, who are six points from safety with five games to play, can still survive.

“I don’t worry what will happen if we go down,” said Bullard in the Daily Star Sunday.

“I love playing for Fulham and I don’t want to move – not at all.

“I think we are going to stay up anyway!”

The headline may be “Bullard Vows To Stay,” but I don’t see anything in his quotes that would constitute a vow.

“I don’t worry what will happen if we go down” — Good for you.

“I love playing for Fulham and I don’t want to move – not at all.” — I’m sure you do love playing for Fulham, and the fact that you don’t want to move does you credit. But what if you need to move to continue your career in the top flight? After all you aren’t getting any younger, and a return to lower division football probably won’t do your admittedly long-shot England hopes any favors.

“I think we are going to stay up anyway!” — Again, your optimism does you credit.

But really Jimmy, you must realize that even when you try to deflect questions with wishy-washy non-committal remarks like “I don’t want to move” the illustrious sporting press will negate all your careful wording with headlines like “Bullard Vows to Stay” and if you then decide to move you will become a Lion Judas to a significant portion of Fulham’s support who allowed themselves to hope.

It’s an impossible position for you and an impossible position for us. Best not to say anything at all.


2 Responses to “Nobody knows anything”

  1. Mike H Says:

    Having paid him for a year plus medical bills whilst he recovered from his horrific injury, I think he owes us another season.

  2. withaplum Says:

    Presumably Fulham have insurance for this kind of thing. Furthermore, Bullard injured his knee in the service of Fulham, so Fulham paying his med bills seems fair. The fact is that clubs know that players can be injured. It’s part of the game. A player only has a few years to pursue his chosen profession, and the year and a half off probably hurt Jimmy as much as it did Fulham. A club can get new players, players only have one body. I don’t think Jimmy owes the club anything more than 100% every time he steps on the pitch.

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