Guts Chapter II

Well my last post stirred up some comments on TIFF, and really, what else can a humble Fulham blogger ask for?

The chief criticism seems to be that my view is simplistic. Well… of course it is. Like I said, I don’t know any of the players personally.

One other quick point – tackling is a skill just like shooting or passing. And, like most football related skills, it would seem to be in short supply at Craven Cottage this season. So it’s all well and good to say that the players should have been flying into tackles, delivering some early ‘crunching’ challenges etc. etc. etc. But if the players aren’t very good at tackling, and are even worse at tackling than they are at passing, shooting and dribbling, then does it really make sense to base the teams game plan around it?

A genuine question – against a much better team, would it have been better to do what Fulham does best (even though they don’t do that very well), or do something theoretically more effective, but practically foreign to the team’s makeup? I don’t know. But here’s the thing: neither does anyone else.

A more physical approach could have worked. But it could just have easily got a player sent off for two yellows, and in my mind’s eye I can just imagine young Lucas skipping merrily towards goal, with a succession of Fulham players sliding wildly past him in vain attempts to win the ball/break his leg. But we’ve all got our quirks.

A quick note of self-examination: it’s very possible that I’ve fallen into the ‘Young Nick Hornby’ trap.  In Fever Pitch he talks about having blissfully ignorant confidence in the England team and manager. I believe the line goes something like, “of course he was picking the best players for the team. I mean, why wouldn’t he? What would be the point?”


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