Meanwhile, the storm clouds gather…

It’s only Sunday, but I am getting seriously excited about the upcoming England – USA friendly this Wednesday. I fully expect that by kick-off, I will be a gibbering wreck incapable of forming a complete sentence.

I think that the feeling must be similar for many of the US players. The following games against Spain and Argentina may turn out to be stiffer challenges and better games, but a game against England, at Wembley, has to be the most potentially lucrative.

Landon Donovan has been playing with a chip on his shoulder all season, and recent comments signal that he may be ready to make US fans’ joy complete by once again testing the water overseas. If he has a good game, expect the rumor mills to increase production, probably based on some juicily ambiguous post-game comments.

The same goes for Michael Bradley who is already being linked to a host of mid-table premiership clubs. A commanding performance against England’s potent midfield could provide the final evidence needed for a Moyes/Hughes/Southgate/Keane to make the leap and start printing contracts.

Carlos Bocanegra needs a new club. Can he find a home in the Premiership? He can if he helps hold England’s attack.

It’s a case of a team with nothing to gain (England) playing a team with everything to play for (the US). I am optimistic. As long as the US doesn’t deal with their nerves the same way I plan to (i.e. ordering pints three at a time) Thursday could be a very good day for a lot of players and their agents.

Next up: How Familiarity Breeds Contempt, or, Why WithAPlum Should Stay Off the Message Boards.


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