Something silly

Player performance in international tournaments is weighted more heavily than the same player’s performance in a midweek game against, say, Wigan.

This is fair enough. The opposition is tougher etc. etc. etc.

But international tournaments are basically the definition of small sample size. So, if managers scout the Euros, and a big tournament can add pounds to the price tag of a player, might a savvy manager deliberately scout players who perform extremely badly? After all, just because a player is rank against, say, the Netherlands, doesn’t mean he can’t do a job in that midweek fixture at Wigan. And if you can buy that player at a discount, while his horrifying failure is still fresh in the minds of the public, then hey, hey! Right?


4 Responses to “Something silly”

  1. weltmeisterclaude Says:

    I thought this. Buy Gomez of Germany! He must’ve done something to get him the number 9 shirt, he’s been diabolical in this tournament, strike while the price is right!

  2. weltmeisterclaude Says:

    also, 19 in 25 last season. Hmmm.

  3. Colin Says:

    Yep. Players who do well in big tournaments always get hyped up, and end up inflating their price. We all know Mario Gomez is good. He was good all year with Stuttgart, a few rough games with the German team doesn’t magically make him a bad player. Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of managers who see this and think “oh, he can’t get it done in big games like derek jeter, don’t want him”. Fine, we’ll be happy to take him!

    I recall many “casual” fans thought Trezeguet was terrible after WC ’06. He was supposedly up for sale when Juventus was relegated (and even wanted to leave), but nobody took him. Maybe Juve’s asking price was too high, but his scoring record has always been excellent, and players like that are usually in high demand if available.

  4. Chopper Says:

    Funnily enough it was that woeful miss from about 12 inches that made me think Gomez could be Fulham material. Pretty much as Colin says I thought if his reputation dropped due to some dodgy performances in this competition we might stand a better chance of picking him up.

    I’ve not been tracking this blog for some reason, just read the last couple of posts and very impressed. Nice work – you’re on my RSS list now!

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