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September 28, 2008

F365’s Winners and Losers (the losers section):

Fulham are a likeable club but there’s been a dangerous and vicious element to some of their tackling this season.


Questions to ask after a loss

September 21, 2008

Was the loss a) the direct result of an endemic weakness in the team? Or was it b) the result of a specific error by a player or manager?

If a) is the weakness a.i.) a direct result of the team’s financial constraints? Or is it a.ii) the result of front office, managerial, or player neglect?

If b) was the error b.i.) typical? Or was it b.ii.) atypical? Or was it b.iii.) the necessary negative counterpoint to some positive trait?

All teams have weaknesses. Fulham can not field a perfect team. All players have weaknesses. Fulham’s players will never have perfect games. All managers have weaknesses. Roy Hodgson’s patience will at times be a virtue and at times a fault. Fulham will lose some games because their midfield is not scrappy. Their midfield is not scrappy because Fulham have limited funds and have chosen to emphasize passing, possession play and organization over tackling. Fulhamwill lose some games because players will make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes will be boneheaded. Sometimes the mistakes will be because a player’s strength is in attack rather than defence. Fulham will lose some games because Roy Hodgson is a patient man. Fulham will win some games because Roy Hodgson is a patient man. Fulham will lose some games because crazy things happen in a sport decided by three or four definite events over the course of ninety minutes.

Frankly, this sport was invented by madmen, and only an equally mad man would spend any time at all trying to understand it. Do as you like, but I’m getting padded walls installed in my living room.

Regaining fitness

September 18, 2008

It’s become clear to me that if I don’t get something up here soon, this whole blog is just going to drift away (if that hasn’t happened already).

The problem is that everything is going so well. I sort of thrive on other’s panic, on being able to rise above the hype, shake my head scornfully at the groupthink, let people know why things aren’t that bad. But I missed my chance after the Hull game and since then things have been pretty decent. I could go the other way, shaking my head at people’s excitement and predicting dark times around the corner, but I haven’t got the heart. I think we’ve got a great manager and I think the team is going to be pretty darn good.

Also, I still have not once updated my fantasy team. I am an idiot.

Hopefully this will prime the pump. Stay tuned. If you want.