Regaining fitness

It’s become clear to me that if I don’t get something up here soon, this whole blog is just going to drift away (if that hasn’t happened already).

The problem is that everything is going so well. I sort of thrive on other’s panic, on being able to rise above the hype, shake my head scornfully at the groupthink, let people know why things aren’t that bad. But I missed my chance after the Hull game and since then things have been pretty decent. I could go the other way, shaking my head at people’s excitement and predicting dark times around the corner, but I haven’t got the heart. I think we’ve got a great manager and I think the team is going to be pretty darn good.

Also, I still have not once updated my fantasy team. I am an idiot.

Hopefully this will prime the pump. Stay tuned. If you want.


2 Responses to “Regaining fitness”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Dude, posting about how you haven’t posted is like bragging how you aint kissed anyone. Yet.

    Your content was good. So give us something, on, I dont know, how about “is or is not Dempsey pissed to be on the bench this season”. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that. He runs up and down the touch line in front of me every damn game all damn game but does he get minutes? And this is the guy who scored against Cuba! cmon

  2. withaplum Says:

    Dude. Ouch.

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