F365’s Winners and Losers (the losers section):

Fulham are a likeable club but there’s been a dangerous and vicious element to some of their tackling this season.


4 Responses to “Oi!”

  1. Nordy Says:

    Michael Brown plays for Wigan.

  2. Chopper Says:

    One poxy game in which we get a bit fiesty and they reckon that equals how we’re playing all season. Idiot journalists!

  3. weltmeisterclaude Says:

    I’m sure they’re talking about Pants against Arsenal. Which was totally blown out of all proportion.

  4. Thomas Rooney Says:

    Fulham have to be among the winners now though. They sit 8th in the Premier League with a game in hand! What a great job Roy Hodgson has done!

    Great site you have here by the way. If you were able to drop me an email at some point that would be much appreciated.



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