Happy Zoltan Gera Day. Hands on your hearts please

And now we bring you something a little different, here on Zoltan Gera day. Something just to change the mood a bit. Please join me in a warm welcome for Mr. Sammy… Davis… Jr!

Thank you. I’m going to do a little number for you. It’s a bit of a departure for me, but I hope you like it. Hit it


And did those feet, come just in time

to walk upon Fulham’s pitches green

And was the holy Roy Hodgson

On Fulham’s pleasant pitches seen

And did his managing divine?

Shine forth upon our muddled team

And was Man United beaten here

And all their red Satanic dreams

Bring me my Konch my Aaron Hughes

Bring me my Schwartzer and Zamora

Bring me Dan Murphy, and Etuhu

Bring me my Clint and ZOLTAN GERA!

Andy Johnson and John Pantsil

Simon Davies Brede Hangeland

Will come and beat United Two NIL

On Fulham’s green and pleasant land




3 Responses to “Happy Zoltan Gera Day. Hands on your hearts please”

  1. sublicon Says:

    sorry, what’s this to the tune of?

  2. sublicon Says:

    shoulda welcomed Bruce Dickinson instead…

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