3 games…

Wolves away. Man City away in the cup. Arsenal at home. Three loses.

But very different beasts, eh?

Wolves away reminded me of that Malcolm Gladwell article about pressing. Was it Rich who posted it? Probably. Anyway, pressing all over the pitch can help less talented teams beat more talented teams. It’s the great equalizer. But it doesn’t come cheap or easy.

Pressing takes willpower and effort, and most teams don’t have the commitment or energy to press for 90 minutes. A lot of times you will see a team press like hell, and then fade away in the second half. Wolves took the gamble and it paid off.

My stream only lasted about twenty minutes of this game, but in those twenty minutes I saw Fulham lose possession again and again as Wolves denied them space. But it came at a cost: according to reports, in the second half Fulham were in the ascendancy, and squandered a few chances. Of course by that time Wolves were already up by two softish goals, so, again, their gamble payed off.

In a way, it’s somewhat flattering. That kind of pressing is such an exhausting gameplan. To chase, and harry and nip at the heels, usually it’s reserved for teams with a much more impressive resume than Fulham’s. But it worked, Fulham looked crap. End of.

City away. Gentleman Jim was my only companion so… exactly what happened will remain a mystery. But, it was an encouraging sign.

Arsenal at home. Really should have had something. 8 or 9 times out of 10, Fulham score some of those chances. But that keeper.

Also, an important article about why you can’t trust your eyes. It’s nothing personal. It doesn’t make you stupid. But really, you can’t trust them.


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